My Who to Follow list:

Jan Carroll, Marketing Manager at edgescan @theplanjan

Have you thought about going back to college? Maybe you already have a degree but want to try something else? Well, Jan is the right person to follow. Jan is a jack of all traits, and a wonder to follow. Having studied Marketing then deciding to study Cyber Security and joined the force to which she has exceled.

Kim Saoirse W.Buracioc, Information Security Consultant at Ward Solutions @mystikPeach

Not only is Kim an amazing Friend she is a stellar Security Consultant. Recently Kim spoke at a careers evening, given a presentation on her journey through college, to which didn’t go exactly go how she thought, having gone from a 4 year course to a 5 year course and adapting her life around with a new kid and a degree to finish, she made it work being a true inspiration to many in the industry. Go Kim!

Tanya Janca, AppSec Nerd @shehackspurple

Tanya has been on my following list since I joined back twitter. She is an amazing woman with a high level of ethuasmism, encouragement and support to give to the infosec community. Tanya in the recent months began a hashtag Mentor Monday to which she allowed others on her twitter platform get involved and engage with to learn and collaborate on fast tracking peoples careers with a little guidance, another was encouraging everyone to share the positive side to their career of Wednesday Security Wins to allow others to share their accomplishment. Although these are two minor reasons you should follow her, Tanya also has a great blog to which she posts all things AppSec, Security, DevOps related, you name it!.

Jenny RadCliffe, The People Hacker @Jenny_radcliffe

I am not sure where to start! Jenny is just an inspiration, having followed her for quite a while to then first meeting her at @irisscert last November to watching her videos on her website. Social engineering is a natural skill for her, She has spent a lifetime learning how to use the “human element” to gain access to the buildings, data and information, and the things we would wish to keep private.

Infosec Community: