Closing a Chapter

Sad to say, but today was my last day of being a part of #TeamEdgescan. Both Eoin and Rahim were a pleasure to work for, I will always cherish the many moments I had with everyone on the team. I had such a great experience of working and learning so much while continuing my studies.

There’s a lot to be said about such a great bunch of people. I’ll miss all the amazing times and fond memories I encountered at Edgescan. From beginning as an intern to having the opportunity of working part time. It’s something I will never take for granted, I’ll always be appreciative to the guys for having me on their team!

Thanks again, Eoin, Rahim and everyone on #TeamEdgescan for an awesome 2 years!

Why I started my Heffs Net Blog

Welcome, since the new year I’ve sat and wondered what will I ever do with my abandoned domain and well here I am! I’ve migrated my original website over from Github to WordPress to make life a little simpler in the hopes to pick up a new hobby in my spare time.

You can expect to see content on all things security! I decided since joining the security world, while also attending full time education that things can seem extremely daunting and overwhelming. However, taking one step at a time, you will eventually get where you need or want to be. I want to share some of my experience and knowledge I have gathered over the last few years from beginning my studies to enter the professional world and much more. 

Whether you’re just entering the security world or looking to follow another blog, I invite you to join me!

Here’s to a new year, new hobby! (Psst, I know it’s February but wasn’t January just a free trial? 😉)